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Chañag (50.5 km)  

After passing the towns of Cubijíes and Químiag, climb to the crest of a mountain range naturally forming an observation platform for snowpeak El Altar, impressively the most beautiful in Ecuador. We will enjoy spectacular views of Riobamba, the Chambo river and surroundings. Nature at its best.

Distance : 50.5 Km.
Minimum Altitude : 2495 mts. Químiag bridge
Maximum Altitude : 3355 mts. Chañag
Uphill Distance : 17 Km. approximately
Downhill Distance : 17 Km. approximately
Cycleability : 100% of the way
Total Time : 4 - 5 hours approximately
Total Cycling Time : 3 - 4 hours approximately

Main Attractions :

  • The towns of Cubijíes and Químiag
  • The natural observation platform for El Altar snowpeak, impressively the most beautiful in Ecuador
  • Great views of Riobamba, Guano, Cubijíes, Químiag and Penipe
  • Chambo river and surroundings
  • The local agriculture

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced bikers



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