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Chimborazo (44 km)  

From the earth’s core this mountain is the highest in the world and biking it downhill is an unequalled experience. From Riobamba we drive in a 4WD vehicle to Carrel Brothers mountain refuge at 4800 mts. of altitude. From here, if well acclimatized and weather conditions permit, you have the option of trekking up to 5450 m. Biking starts at 4800 mts. Our return route, not commonly used by visitors, lets us see closely the “front,” most impressive, widest and famous “face” of Chimborazo. On our way down we can spot vicuñas and other fauna in their natural habitat, observe the impressive La Chorrera canyon, ride through alternative backroads and have at our feet amazing views of Colta lake, the Riobamba valley and great mountain ranges capped with six snowpeaks. Biking ends either in San Juan, Calpi or wherever you want. This is our most requested tour.

Distance : 44 Km. (Descending from Carrel Brothers mountain refuge to Calpi)
Minimum Altitude : 2755 mts. Riobamba
Maximum Altitude: 5000 mts. Edward Whymper Refuge
Uphill Distance : 6 Km. approximately
Downhill Distance : 38 Km. approximately
Cycleability : 100% of the way
Total Time : 6 - 7 hours approximately
Total Cycling Time : 3 – 4 hours approximately

Main Attractions :

  • Our unique return route to Riobamba much more interesting and beautiful than the usual route all visitors use
  • Chimborazo with its Carrel Bros. and Edward Whymper refuges
  • Flora and fauna of the páramo, specially vicuñas in wildlife
  • “La Chorrera” canyon
  • Yana Rumi rock
  • Views of Riobamba valley, mountain ranges, Colta lake and snowpeaks
  • Indigenous communities: Sta. Teresita del Guabug, Pulinguí San Pablo, Tambohuasha, etc.
  • The towns of San Juan and Calpi
  • For well-acclimatized tourists, a hike up to 5450 mts. without mountain climbing equipment is possible if weather conditions permit

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced bikers.


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