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Colta Lake (56km)  

A trip offering culture and nature. As we pass the historic Cacha region densely populated by indigenous communities, on a clear day we can observe Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Carihuairazo and El Altar snowpeaks. After rounding the lake we encounter, among other landmarks, the oldest catholic spanish church in Ecuador and the site of old Riobamba destroyed by an earthquake in 1797.

Distance : 56 Km. (going once around the lake)
Minimum Altitude : 2755 mts. Riobamba
Maximum Altitude : 3550 mts. Chacán-Calguachi
Uphill Distance : 16 Km. approximately
Downhill Distance : 18 Km. approximately
Cycleability : 100% of the way
Total Time : 5 - 6 hours approximately
Total Cycling Time : 4 - 5 hours approximately

Main Attractions :

  • Various indigenous communities (Shilpala, Cacha Obraje, Chacán- Calguachi, Santiago de Quito, Gatazo Chico, etc.)
  • With ideal climate it is possible to observe five snowpeaks, even Sangay volcano from an upper part of the way
  • Colta Lake and various species of migrating birds like: ducks, herons and andean gulls
  • Balbanera church, the oldest in Ecuador
  • The place and ruins of old Riobamba destroyed by an earthquake and Ricpamba valley
  • The town of Cajabamba, a possible visit to the museum (under reconstruction) and the weekly Sunday fair
  • The region´s agriculture and landscape

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced bikers

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