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Guano - Los Elenes (25.5 Kms)  

An easy, cultural biking trip preferred by beginners. We will see the picturesque town of Guano with its laborious craftsmen. It is worth seeing leather handcrafts and woolen rugs being woven in hand looms. Other attractions are the museum, the pre-Inca monoliths overlooking the town and typical food such as “chola” bread. We can also swim at clean and cool Los Elenes pools that are filled up daily from natural springs.

Distance : 25.5 Km.
Minimum Altitude : 2575 mts. Los Elenes swimming pools
Maximum Altitude : 2800 mts. “La Capilla” sector
Uphill Distance : 5 Km. approximately
Downhill Distance : 8 Km. approximately
Cycleability : 100% of the way
Total Time : 3 - 4 hours approximately
Total Cycling Time : 2½ - 3 hours approximately

Main Attractions :

  • Beautiful views of Altar and Tungurahua snowpeaks
  • Observation platform for Guano and surroundings
  • Guano and its artisan shops of leather handcrafts and woolen rugs.
  • The museum, stone monoliths and church ruins
  • Los Elenes swimming pools filled-up daily from natural springs
  • The local churches
  • La Inmaculada and Santa Teresita sectors
  • Typical food

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced bikers


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