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Guayllabamba Thermal Springs (60kms)  

In Quichua language Guayllabamba means “green valley” and this trip will show just that. Visit the rich agricultural towns of Licto and Chambo. We will have beautiful views of the countryside, the Chambo river and enjoy a dip in the sulphur-rich thermal springs. Along the way we will see some traditional “haciendas.”

Distance : 60 Km.
Minimum Altitude : 2650 mts. Alao electric plant bridge
Maximum Altitude : 3175 mts. Guayllabamba
Uphill Distance : 28 Km. approximately
Downhill Distance : 26 Km. approximately
Cycleability : 100% of the way
Total Time : 6 - 8 hours approximately
Total Cycling Time : 4 - 5 hours approximately

Main Attractions:

  • The towns of Licto and Chambo
    ° Panoramic views of snowpeaks, Riobamba and surroundings
    ° The Chambo and other rivers of the region
    ° A lot of nature and extensive agricultural and cattle-growing zones
    ° Guayllabamba thermal springs
    ° Artisans´ brick-making ovens
    ° Traditional hacienda houses

Level of difficulty: Intermediate to advanced bikers

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