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Our main purpose is providing safe and comfortable practice of this adventure ecological sport.
Ciclotur has:

  • Lightweight mountain bikes of prestigious makes like Cannondale, Trek, GT, Klein, Specialized, Gary Fisher, Giant, Raleigh, etc., of all frame sizes with front suspension and equipped with top-class Shimano components working perfectly
  • Complete mountain biking accessories: helmet, gloves, knee/elbow pads, pack straps, panniers, racks, etc.
  • New 4WD Toyotas with bike carriers as SUPPORT VEHICLES.
  • COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT for better trip coordination and safety. We use mobile radio system and celular phones to keep constant contact with our headquarters in Riobamba and within the biking group.
  • Precise MAPS with detailed instructions in English and altitude profiles for all our routes.
  • Fully-licensed NATURALIST BILINGUAL GUIDES specialized in competition biking totally support our tourists during the trips.
  • HEADQUARTERS in the beautiful historic center of Riobamba, between the two main parks of the city.


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